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Eight Examples of Jesus’s Healing Ministry From The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew records many examples of Jesus’s Healing Ministry.  These healing scriptures illustrate his care and concern for the common everyday person.  He was never too busy to stop and give of himself.  All that was required was the “courage to ask” and the “faith to believe”.

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If you have an illness or sickness, you can use the following bible scriptures to encourage yourself as you seek God’s best for your personal deliverance.  Or maybe you are praying for someone else’s healing, either a loved one, associate, or just a casual acquaintance.  Just remember that Jesus’s healing power is still available today.


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Bible Healing Scriptures To Test “Whose Report Will You Believe?”

When the doctor’s report is bad, you need some encouragement. Something to help you believe everything will be alright.

I have been there!!

Let me assure you that the following bible scriptures on healing will increase your faith!

Sometimes we feel something is not quite right.  We may wait a little while or sometimes even a long time, but eventually we go to the doctor. He wants to run some tests. Get some lab work done and call you later. You wait anxiously and you pray. You tell yourself not to worry and you don’t share how are feeling even with your closest friends or relatives.

Then, you get a call.

A call to come in. No discussions on the phone this time. This is serious business and serious business requires a “face-to-face” visit and discussion. You expect a “Bad Report”.

What Do You Do When You Get a “Bad Report” ?

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